Through your giving to PAWS Now, we have been able to finish the first phase of the Renovation Project at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter. But now the major renovation must begin. In order to enclose the back wall and begin the build of the kennel walls, a central heating and cooling system must be installed. The units have been donated but the wiring and the labor has to be paid. Through the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of our patrons and sponsors, the funds are in place for the installation of the Heating and Air.

Now we are currently seeking bids on the enclosure and build so we will have that construction to fund.

In addition to the Renovation of the Shelter, we are also beginning the Animal Welfare side of our organization. At Bark in the Park we had our first Four Legged Food Drive.  This along with a working Spay and Neuter Program in our county will help alleviate the need for many of the dogs to enter into the shelter in the first place.

But it all takes money. And that is something we rely on the generosity and kindness of benefactors like you to provide.

Through the various means below, you will be helping out not only the dogs in the shelter, but also the dogs and other animals of Marshall County. Every penny counts. And since we are a 501c3 organization, your monetary contributions are tax deductible. Whether it is a one-time or monthly contribution, every bit helps care for the homeless animals here in Marshall County, TN.

Open letter to our supporters/sponsors:

PAWS Now is a local non profit animal welfare group currently working to improve conditions at our local animal shelter here in Lewisburg and Marshall County.

The Shelter Renovation is a 4 stage process.  In the first stage funds were raised through private donations and from the local veterinarians to build a covered area on the outside of the shelter and install heavy duty kennels in which the dogs could be housed during the daily cleaning process to avoid being sprayed by the water hoses which increases the chances of disease.  That project was completed last fall.  These kennels will also be utilized for housing the dogs that are there during the renovation of the inside of the shelter.  

However, we now face greater obstacles in cost of materials and labor, and more donations and individual sponsorships are needed. The first step is installing a heating and cooling system in the shelter which currently does not have one in the animal kennel area. Once this is accomplished a back block wall will be constructed on the back of the shelter where there it is currently open to the elements.  At the same time individual block kennels will be built in place of the gang pens where 2-3 dogs can be housed instead of the up to 20 or more dogs as the situation warrants now.  This will help decrease not only fighting among the dogs, but also the spread of disease will be reduced thus making it possible for rescues and adoptions to increase.  The shelter will also qualify for the many grants that are available to shelters once these changes are made and the shelter is brought up to the strict animal welfare codes.

We sincerely hope that our project might be of interest to you as an opportunity to promote your company through a sponsorship arrangement.  We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to our generous benefactors throughout the year.  

A one time sponsorship donation to our upcoming fundraising event. With your donation we can help cover the expenses that are incurring in advertising, trophy purchase, and kids game prizes to mention a few, to produce such a large event. If you choose to make this donation we would give prominent publicity to this fact in all our promotional material such as brochures, publicity leaflets and advertising. You may choose to donate at any of the following levels:

a.  Best in Show—This encompasses all dog breeds and makes you Best of Breed in our book—greater than $1000 in any amount

b.  St. Bernard—The largest of the dog breeds, your donation is Top Dog—$1000

c.  Great Dane—Noble and Proud, this breed is Top Notch in dog breeds—$500

d.  German Shepherd—A Warrior and Protector, this breed is Top in Loyalty and Devotion—$250

e.  Labrador Retriever—One of the Top dogs in Family and Versatility, this breed is one of the most Popular in dog breeds—$100

f.   Beagle—Once again a loyal and versatile breed, the Beagle is a non stop Trooper once he gets his nose into it—$50

g.  Heinz 57—The most popular dog of all and what we frequently see at the shelter, the makeup of all of man’s favorite breeds, a True Companion —$25

2.  Brochure advertising- we would reserve for you a full page back cover advertising space in our publicity brochures at a rate of $250 per year. Inside block business card size advertising opportunities are available $100 per year.  These brochures not only stay in our community but are available to out of the area people attending our events, thus increasing your radius of contact and exposure.

3.  Your name and logo featured on two display boards at any and all of our events. A one time annual sponsorship donation of $1000 will assure your name is prominent at all of our events.

4.  Sponsorship of our inflatable bouncy castle at our major fundraising events.  The bouncy’s at Bark in the Park will run us around $500 to rent. We do charge a small entry fee for the children to enjoy these, but it will not cover the rental of the houses. If you choose to cover at least 2 of our events, for your $1000 donation your name will be prominently displayed on a large banner signifying your generosity at our events.

5.  Be our Mascot Sponsor! We are very excited about the upcoming purchase of a full adult size Dog Costume which will not only bring exposure to our cause but will also be a great motivator to get involved for the kids in our community.  The PAWS Mascot will be named in an online contest, and will be highly recognized as the Mascot of PAWS Now in all that we do.  He will attend all the events and be a key figure in our Spay and Neuter program as well as our Pet Food Drive Promotions. The cost of this costume is $130 and we would love for someone to step forward and cover this cost for us. In return our official Tshirt will be worn by the Mascot and will have the name of the sponsor(s) prominently featured on the back of the shirt.

6. A specific donation to the Renovation of the Lewisburg Animal Shelter. If you specifically would like your donation to go toward the labor and construction of materials at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter, we will set that money aside and when the construction resumes this summer your donation will go a long way in completing the project.  Every amount counts!  To express our gratitude for this action, donations of $250 or more will receive their name engraved on the plaque as well as a certificate showing your level of donation and our sincere appreciation of the fact for you to display at your place of business. 

Please note: On any donation or sponsorship please let us know what you would like your monies to go toward in our list of expanding opportunities to make the lives of the animals in our city and county shelter better in the time they must spend there. Every donation counts!!

We are always working with our sponsors and volunteers to come up with new ideas to further our cause.  We have included some statistics and evidence of the great work and progress we are making in the attached pages. We encourage you to work with us. One of the great advantages of partnering with a local company is the ability to see the progress your generosity has allowed us to make. We invite you to attend Bark in the Park where you can see your kindness and generosity in action by seeing the lives from the dogs that have already been saved by finding their forever home and what a difference they are making in their owner’s lives. They were featured in our Adopted Doggie Parade at noon on April 21st right after the presentation of the Dog of the Year award to Rosco Dalton, a former Lewisburg Animal Shelter dog that kept Mrs. Evelyn Oliphant from being trampled by a herd of cows when she had fallen in the field.  Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to many more opportunities to work with you!

Yours sincerely

PAWS Now Board of Directors 
Kendall Sanders
Tisha Poling
Janet Harris
Ken Todd
Susan Ragsdale

 One-Time Donation

Partners in PAWS Monthly Donation Program


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