Who is LASA?

PAWS Now started out in 2009 as a group of volunteers known as Lewisburg Animal Shelter Adoptions or LASA.  It was originally created by local Lewisburg animal lovers wishing to network our community's homeless dogs.  We have been very successful aiding in adoptions from the Lewisburg Animal Shelter and plan to continue this effort under the PAWS Now Inc umbrella.

Who is PAWS Now?

Promoting Animal Welfare in the South Now sprang from our original mission.  It became apparent that the shelter was only a symptom of a larger community issue.  As PAWS Now, we will be expanding into community education and development of programs such as low cost spay and neuter.

Our Goals for the Lewisburg Animal Shelter:

  • Shelter build out - A four phase plan to improve housing and safety conditions for dogs and humans in the current environment
  • Standard Operation Procedures - A set of standard rules that are followed by employees of the shelter to insure safety and humane treatment
  • Changes to Adoption Fee - A new fee that would bring our shelter into state law compliance, decrease disease and increase adoption/rescue rates
  • Volunteer Assistance - Setting up a volunteer team to help with daily functions at the animal shelter
2011 Annual Report and Financial Report are available online

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